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Personal trainer, nutrition coach, registered nurse, eating disorder recovery advocate, and new mom... just to name a few

Hi, I'm Jill White. I'm a fitness and nutrition coach with a passion to help people meet their goals in a healthy, sustainable way.

I’ve been working out consistently since high school when I started running cross country. I loved training while having a goal or race in sight. In fact, I have trained for and run dozens of half-marathons and one full marathon.

Unfortunately, I also developed an eating disorder and for years would use exercise in an unhealthy way. After a decade-long battle with anorexia and bulimia, I received treatment for my disorders and am happy to say I have been in full recovery for over five years.

Throughout my process of recovery, I completely stopped exercising until I learned to incorporate exercise in a more balanced way. In fact, my recovery from eating disorders is what sparked my love for personal training.

Exercise can and should be a form of empowerment for you, not a punishment for what you ate.

I still love running and biking, but I’ve also fallen in love with weight lifting and CrossFit. I’ve learned that exercise can and should be a form of empowerment for you, not a punishment for what you ate. Exercise can make you feel strong, capable, and ready to face any challenge life throws at you.

I recently had my first baby, Scarlett. I loved being able to workout throughout my entire pregnancy and truly believe fitness has helped me not only physically but mentally - it helped remind me that I am strong and capable during a time when my body felt completely out of my control. I’m excited to transition from working as a pediatric nurse to being able to pour my time into being a full time personal trainer & mom!

My Approach to Personal Training

It’s through my own experiences with recovery from eating disorders that my approach to personal training has formed. I want you to feel empowered and strong. My focus is not on weight loss, although that will likely be a natural biproduct of working with me. My focus is on you treating your body well, helping you feel excited about your workouts, and you feeling proud of what your body can do.

I tailor every single workout plan to meet my clients where they're at, while pushing them to be their best. I will work closely with you to find programs that feel empowering and fun, rather than something to dread. When we find enjoyable workouts and goals that drive and inspire you, it will help keep you consistent and motivated. Together, we can do this!

Flexible, Affordable Plans

Since I build a plan based on your goals, I make sure to meet you where you are and help you get you want to go. At home, at the gym, just starting to get in shape, or training for a competition, we’ll make sure you have the tools and plan to make you successful!

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