Get stronger and toned with great new workouts every week, fitness challenges, nutrition tips, and a great community! All from the comfort of your home.

Workouts for every body

Whether you're a seasoned pro or you recently googled "What is a dumbbell?" you'll find approachable, challenging workouts that are actually fun.

  • New workouts every week

    Each workout is flexible, straightforward and (most importantly) fun! No matter your fitness journey thus far, you'll be able to challenge yourself.

  • Minimal equipment needed

    The only thing you need are a set of dumbbells and an inexpensive set of resistance bands. You can do them in your living room, bedroom, or back yard.

  • Easy to understand

    Each workout is thoroughly explained, and every single movement includes a demo video and optional modifications. It couldn't be easier to follow!

You're not on your own

The key to a successful health plan is community and accountability. Tone at Home is designed specifically to foster both.

  • We're in this together

    Be a part of the vibrant Tone at Home community! See others’ performance, leave comments, and get positive feedback on your workouts

  • Weekly check-ins
    Tone at Home Plus

    Start each week by touching base with Jill; ask any questions you have, get help and encouragement where you’re struggling and have that built-in accountability

Frequently asked questions

What equipment do I need?
The only requirements are a set of dumbbells and resistence bands. Some workouts include a jump rope or kettlebell, but always include easy modifications.
I have a chronic injury, can I do these workouts?
You must be released by your doctor to do any of these workouts. If you have a condition or previous injury, email me or send me a DM on Instagram with your specifics and I'll let you know if Tone at Home would work for you.
I literally have never done an exercise in my life. Is this really something I can do?
Absolutely! Every workout can be modified so that you can get through it and challenge your body in a healthy way. You got this!
What if I can't do every workout each week?
No problem! You'll have full access to the entire back-catalog of workouts, so you can easily go back and do one you missed (or redo one you really liked!)
Does this include nutrition coaching?
Not exactly. I include some resources to help you set up a healthy nutrition plan, but it does not include a full nutrition coaching plan.
I'm not sure, can I try it out before I commit to anything?
Absolutely! Try it out for free for a full week - no credit card required!

Simple, pay-as-you-go Pricing

There's a plan for every budget and no long-term commitments. Plus, every plan includes a 7 day free trial and no credit card required up front! Sign up for your free trial right now!



Billed $50 every 3 months
  • Three new workouts every week; all designed to be done at home with minimal space and equipment.
  • Log your completed workout times, weights used, and more.
  • View and comment on others' workouts for some encouragement and friendly competition.
  • Full access to the back catalog of workouts and other resources. Easily find workouts based on rating, difficulty, equipment and more.
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Billed $75 every 3 months
Includes everything in Tone at Home Basic
  • Weekly check-ins with Jill to help you get feedback, keep you accountable, and stay motivated.
  • Track your journey by adding progress pictures right in the app.
  • Exclusive workouts each week focusing on upper body.
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